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3 Tips To Help You Buy The Perfect Motorcycle Helmets I will going to show you how to buy a motorcycle helmet that fits perfectly to your head and will protect you in case of accident in the next few paragraphs. Tip number 1. Get your measurements – there are a number of people who actually think that helmets for motorcycle have a one size fits all. And as a result, they are settling for the first helmet they found without giving it a try. Let us see how far gone they actually in this misconception. There are countless of people who tend to buy oversize helmet whether you believe it or not. To put it simply, when you wear them, the chance of you being involved in an accident, the space available does not cover fully the skull, which puts you in grave danger.
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This as a result makes it critical for one to get their exact measurements before they walk to a store and buy a helmet. But the question is, how does one go to measure their head without being weird? First of all, you have to wrap your head with a cloth at least an inch above your eyebrows. After that, use a tape measurement to acquire the measurements. With the measurement, you can check out some websites and find the measurements according to your records.
What Research About Helmets Can Teach You
Tip number 2. Avoid going for novelty – never based your decision with the embellishments that many people are adding to their helmet when shopping for one. Basically, this indicates that novelty helmets are only up for a show and do so little in protecting you. So whenever possible, just go with the ones that are certified. To make sure that the motorcycle helmet is a perfect fit, they should be tried and tested. Whether you believe it or not, there are many counterfeits being sold in the market rather than providing protection to the wearer. Always take into account that these novelty helmets are only for the show unless you like to take part in a motorcycle parade. Tip number 3. Never share helmets – usually, it is recommended to not share helmets with others. It isn’t about hygiene reasons but a matter of safety of the riders. As time goes by, the lining of helmet is going to orient itself to the rider’s head and its contours. In other words, while you are expecting the motorcycle helmet to fit, it won’t truly fit and if it happens, you are not fully protected. With this being said, you should not make it a habit to borrow or share motorcycle helmets.

What is the Toyota USA Foundation?

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Toyota is one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, and over the years they have earned a reputation for being extremely innovative, community conscious, and to this day they strive to make a positive impact on society, as well as our environment. It was for this reason that the Toyota USA foundation was formed. To find some great Toyota deals pay a visit to Toyota Fountain Hills.
The Toyota USA foundation was created in 1987, with a commitment to enhance the quality of education throughout the United States. They do this by helping to financially support K12 education programs, as well as other innovative programs, that primarily focus on improving the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and environmental science. It is through building partnerships with many of the leading organizations and institutes that are dedicated to these pursuits, that they are able to help the diverse population that makes up, and spans, the entire country, and to this day they have awarded more than $52 million dollars in grants to these various non-profit organizations.
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Obviously, when you’re dealing with this kind of money there are a lot of hands out looking for cash, but in order to get any type of grant from the foundation, you first have to go through a pretty thorough screening and application process that must be adhered to, before you even find out if you’re eligible. There are generally over 200 requests for grants every cycle, and unfortunately there is only so much money to go around. Usually the foundation is able to fund approximately 6% to 9% of the applications they receive, and it is normally those that stand out the most, and can provide the most significant results, that get the money.

This foundation is just another way that proves Toyota really cares about the future of the community and country, and they no doubt will continue to come up with new ways that will help improve the way we all live. For you next Toyota purchase pay a visit to
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Great Reasons for Buying a Ford Fiesta

Everyone which is shopping for a vehicle has certain priorities that they are going to set when it comes to choosing the vehicle that is best for them when you have compiled your listing of priorities you really should take a look at the Ford fiesta as its likely going to not only meet all of your requirements but surpass them. For a good selection of Ford vehicles make sure to visit Upland Ford.
One of the features of course is the competitive pricing that comes with the Ford fiesta. This is a vehicle that fits into most family budgets. Also, it is great initially new vehicle owner. Alternatively, the university student that needs a cost-effective form of transportation. When it comes to quality you cannot beat the American quality that Ford puts into their vehicles. In a survey of over 150,000 potential car buyers Ford was at the top of this list for most of them.
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When it comes to fuel efficinot beat the Ford fiesta. You are looking at 30 MPG for city and 40 MPG for Highway that’s pretty hard to is and beat gentle on the pocketbook. The other important feature to keep in mind is the warranty that comes from Ford knowing that you are dealing with a stable auto manufacturer that is in the position to back their warranties.
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Then when it comes to possessing a car that you not only feels is reliable but feels good sitting behind the wheel , the Ford Fiesta leaves no disappointments. It possesses a really compact but sleek look to it and makes anyone who owns it proud to be its owner. While it may be compact it is the perency you canfect vehicle for the family, and is a car that can be trusted by any of the drivers like the ladies in your home, or the young teen drivers. It is a great vehicle for driving to and fro to be effective and so that it is easy to park. Then to the moms that have to take the kids to daycare or to their sports activities, they know that they are going to have a vehicle that they can count on. Take a look at the great Ford choices that has to offer.
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What Makes the 2016 Toyota Tacoma the Best Vehicle Choice

Southcoasttoyota 3 .1The 2016 Toyota Tacoma is really being looked at by a lot of people that are in need of a new vehicle for its impressive fuel economy. There are many benefits and features that come with this impressive vehicle. It has the all new Atkinson cycle 3.5 L 60° all aluminum V-6 ,and is comprised of dual overhead cam shafts that are computer controlled as well as four valves per cylinder. This all lends to the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. This is done because the engine is able to switch between the normal four stroke Otto to the Atkinson cycle. When it comes to power the vehicle lacks nothing because it possesses direct fuel and port injection capabilities. This is not affected by the speed that the vehicle is travelling or the load that it is hauling. This is a vehicle you will want to check out at Newport Toyota.
With all of these new features it makes the 2016 Toyota Tacoma vehicle well worth looking at both for the driver that requires a vehicle that can be counted on to haul various loads or to travel to work daily. The size and impressive fuel economy makes it a great family vehicle especially for those that like to go on trips.
The Tacoma has always been a well received vehicle. The first one appeared 20 years ago and the stats show that 75% of 3 million Tacoma’s that have been sold since that time are still on the road. It has been 10 years since a new Tacoma has become a part of the midsize pickup lineup. What the company focused on with the 2016 Tacoma was to upgrade the vehicle that is well noted as being a reliable small truck. It basically still has the same looks, and the interior was refreshed back in 2012 but other than that no significant changes in looks were really made. What has to be focused on is the new technology that has been implemented in the new 2016 Toyota Tacoma. Pay a visit to to see a full line up of great Toyota vehicles.

Driving In The Wet

Could You Stop In The Wet?

Did you know that it takes twice as long to stop in the wet as it does in dry conditions?

Safe Braking Tips For Wet Roads

It is important to remember that any moisture on the road will change the surface traction and effect the way your car brakes.

At 80km/h, a car’s tyre has a thousandth of a second to clear away the water and provide road adhesion. At higher speeds, a tyre (no matter how advanced its traction might be said to be) will ‘ride’ rather than penetrate the film of water on the road. It can be like skating on ice.

In addition to road condition, it is difficult to see clearly in the rain.  To improve safety when driving in wet weather:

  • Make sure your windscreen is kept clean inside and out.
  • Ensure your windscreen wipers are in good condition
  • Make sure your tyres, brakes and suspension are in peak condition
  • Turn your headlights on to low beam
  • Use your air conditioner to prevent your windscreen from fogging up

Remember, it is vital that your cars critical braking systems are in peak condition to keep you safe. This includes your tyres, brakes and suspension.

Do Your Wipers Need Changing?

Most drivers don’t even realise they need new wipers until a storm approaches or heavy rain begins to fall.

Deteriorated wipers produce an uneven wipe, which prevents proper contact with the windshield surface leaving you without a clear view of the road ahead.

To avoid this, check your wipers once a month and if any of the conditions below describe your wipers, replace them today with new quality blades…

Streaking – Caused by dry rubber that has hardened and cracked. Streaking can also be caused by tree sap, road tar and other foreign substances on the blade rubber.

Chattering – Caused by the “permanent set” or “curve” in the rubber that some wiper blades develop while they are not being used. This condition is characterised by the chattering sound the blade makes as it passes across the windshield.

Worn Rubber – General rounding of the wiping edge caused by age. Just like any component exposed to the elements, your wiper blades will wear out.

Split Rubber – A condition found on blades that are old, or may be due to the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays on the rubber. This is especally true under the harsh Australian sun.

Bent Refill or Wiper Frame – Sometimes caused by automatic car washes

Auto Mechanic Tips Overview

These tips from our auto mechanics are provided from the diverse experience of our Auto-Tech trained mechanics located all around Australia.  This advice and tips are provided free of charge to help you gain more from your motoring.

Auto Repair Advice, Motoring Safety Tips, Travel Safety, Car Care Hints and more are all provided as a part of our service.  You may also benefit from the Repco Authorised Service Nationwide Warranty for 12 months/20,000 kms on all work performed, which is backed by Repco, one of Australia’s biggest automotive companies


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 1:

What fluids should be changed during an oil change or car Service?

During any regular car service the mechanic should ensure that the engine oil is changed. But there are other oils in your car which unless drained periodically and replaced, could cause parts of your car to wear more quickly than they should.

See the Auto Facts video for Ancillary Oils here.


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 2:

Changing cooling system and radiator hoses

If a radiator hose is nearing the end of its life it is better to have it replaced before it splits and causes the car engine to overheat and damage the radiator or other cooling system components.


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 3:

Buying a used car

If you’re about to buy a used car, it pays to check the vehicle thoroughly to ensure that you are getting the best value for money.  There are a number of areas you should inspect, to ensure the vehicle condition is exactly as it seems. A written report from a mechanic can also be useful.

See the Auto Facts Video for Pre Purchase Inspection here.

NB: There is now a law effective from January 2011:

“When you buy a car (new or used) from a dealer, you now have the protection of legally enforceable consumer guarantees, including that the car is of acceptable quality (which includes being safe, free from defects and durable) and reasonably fit for any purpose you specify when buying it, such as towing.” 

For the rest of the article click here.


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 4:

Regular Car Servicing and Engine Oil Change

Many car manufacturers recommend car service intervals of 10,000km or more, but in the owner’s manual they often reduce this interval. One particular reason for this is to change the engine oil to suit certain driving conditions.

See the Auto Facts Video for Service Intervals here.

AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 5:

Changing Timing belt or camshaft belt

The camshaft belt (or timing belt) carries a very high load and, as with any rubber component on a vehicle, it perishes with age and wears with use. If the timing belt is not replaced during the right car service, it may break or the drive teeth may strip, causing major engine damage.

See the Auto Facts Video for Timing Belts here.


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 6:

Brake Fluid and it’s effect on brake performance

Brake fluid is the lifeblood of the brake system in your car. Brake fluid transfers the pressure you apply of the brake pedal to the brake master cylinder and ulimately the brake pads at the wheels of your car. Regular changing of the brake fluid provides safer brake operation.

See the Auto Facts video for Brake Fluid here.


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 7:

Power Steering

The most common forms of repair to power steering systems is the replacement of either the steering rack unit or the power steering box.  A fact that is often overlooked (even by a mechanic) is that the largest cause of failure in these items is due to a worn power steering pump.

Check the Auto Facts Video for Power Steering here.


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 8:

Car Service Intervals (Log Book Servicing)

The service interval best suited to your car will depend on a range of factors such as vehicle type, its age and the conditions under which the car is driven. A check of your manufacturers log book will generally verify this. If you are unsure, you should discuss your specific needs with a mechanic.

See the Auto Facts Video for Service Intervals here.


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 9:

Steering and CV Joint Boots

Replacing the steering rack or CV joint boots before they wear out is a good example of how money spent on car maintenance can keep are car safer, and also save a lot more money in repairs.

See the Auto Facts Video for Steering and CV Boots here.


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 10:

Why you need to change Radiator Coolant

Nearly all Australian manufactured vehicles require a Coolant or Anti-Freeze change every 2 years or 40,000 Kilometres in order to protect the vehicle radiator and cooling system. A well maintained cooling system will perform at maximum efficiency, thereby preventing the engine overheating.


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 11:

Exchange Engines

Replacing your cars engine with an exchange unit may be a wise alternative to buying a used car, especially if your trusted vehicle is in otherwise sound condition. If you are considering an exchange engine for your vehicle, it is important to do your research and ensure that you make an informed decision in order to receive the best value for money.


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 12:

Log Book Servicing

There are many misconceptions about car servicing on vehicles that are still under a NEW CAR WARRANTY. Car Dealers cannot maintain a monopoly on ‘log book’ Service. Nor can they suggest that a new car warranty is void if a service is carried out by other than the New Car Dealer. Details

Check out the Auto Facts Video for Repco Authorised Service’s New Car Warranty Service here.


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 13:

Oil Changes other than engine oils

What oils should be changed?

Every time your car is serviced the engine oil is changed, but there are other oils in your car which should be changed periodically.


What are these other oils?

The automatic transmission, manual gearbox, differential and power steering systems are all lubricated by oil or fluids of various types. Some of these systems don’t have the luxury of an oil filter, like the engine uses.


Why change these oils?

Simply put, oil reduces friction between mechanical parts in a car and thus reduces wear. Unless these oils are drained periodically and replaced with clean oil, parts of your car can wear more quickly than they should. As oil gets older it collects abrasive impurities. Additives used in the oil to help it suit a certain application can diminish over time and with use. Heat produced, particularly in automatic transmissions, can also affect the oil’s lubricating properties.


How often should the oil be changed?

This will vary depending on the particular oil, the job it does and the type of driving you do. You can refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for recommended intervals or your Repco Auto Repair mechanic will be happy to advise you. We are happy to answer any more questions you may have regarding Service Intervals.


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 14:

Changing all cooling system hoses

If a radiator hose is nearing the end of its life it is better to have it replaced before it splits and causes the car engine to overheat. As the hoses get older, they can become soft and swollen and are more likely to split. Other times the rubber becomes hard and can crack and leak. If a hose needs replacing or has recently been replaced, consideration should be given to replace the rest of the hoses as they also are subject to the same wear and tear.

It is generally more economical to change the hoses at the same time. Rather than one by one this has the added advantage of allowing a thorough flush of the cooling system and only one dose of new coolant. It also saves the further inconvenience of another hose failing soon after one has been replaced.

The radiator cap and thermostat are also vital components in a cars cooling system and should also be considered for replacement.

The cost of this type of preventive maintenance is far less than repairing the consequences of a badly overheated engine.


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 15:

Engine Oil Change

Oil Change

Many car manufacturers are recommending service intervals of 10,000km even up to 20,000km but also in the car owner’s manual they often recommend this interval be reduced under various conditions. One particular reason for this is to change the engine oil.
Reasons for Changing Engine Oil.

  • Engine oil has a limited useful life dependant on time and driving conditions
  • By products of combustion, particularly when the engine is cold, contaminate the oil and cause sludge build up inside the engine. Some of the sludge will gradually block the oil galleries in an engine and starve moving parts of lubrication.
  • Dilution from fuel will make the oil thinner and reduce its lubricating properties.
  • Metal deposits from wearing components builds up and accelerates wear.
  • Additives used in the oil can break down over time.
  • Oxidation of the fuel occurs from contact with air inside the crankcase and can cause a build up of gum deposits and acids.

Advantages of Regular Oil Changes?

Change oil regularly will reduce the effect of the problems listed above. This can greatly increase the life of your engine. This is important, as today’s modern multi-valve engines are becoming increasingly more expensive to repair and overhaul.


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 16:

Timing Belts

What is a Cambelt?

Sometimes called a camshaft drive belt or timing belt: it is a reinforced, toothed rubber belt used in the engines of about 70% of today’s motor cars. It is propelled by the engine crankshaft and drives the camshaft which opens the valves of the engine.


Where is it found?

It is at the front of the engine, usually under plastic covers to protect it from damage. It is behind the other more obvious drive belts such as the fan or alternator belts. As it cannot be seen without removing the covers and other components it is often neglected.


Why does it wear?

The cambelt carries a very high load in the engine and, as with any rubber component of the vehicle, it perishes with age and wears with use.


What will happen if it is not replaced on time?

If the belt is not replaced on time it may break or the drive teeth may strip. If this happens the camshaft in the engine stops rotating leaving some valves open, protruding into the cylinders, the crankshaft continues to rotate and can push the pistons into the valves and bend them. This causes major engine damage which is very costly and time consuming to repair.


When should it be replaced?

Most car manufacturers recommend replacement from 60,000km to 100,00km. We strongly recommend replacement at manufactures recommended interval. To replace the belt is only a fraction of the cost of repairing the damage caused should it break, not to mention the inconvenience of your car being out of use for many days.

P.S. It may also be wise to replace other drive belts at the same time, if they are worn, as they have to be removed to access the cambelt. The old belts could be kept in the boot as handy spares.


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 17:

Brake Fluid

Why replace it?

Regularly changing the brake fluid in your car allows safe brake operation and can also save money


What is brake fluid?

It is the lifeblood of the brake hydraulic system in your car. Brake fluid transfers the pressure you apply of the brake pedal to the brakes at the wheels of your car.


What happens as it ages?

Brake fluid is very hygroscopic, that is, it absorbs moisture very readily. This lowers the boiling point of the fluid and introduces moisture into the components of the brake system.


How does this affect safety?

With a lower boiling point, the heat generated from normal braking can cause old brake fluid to boil, which in turn causes loss of braking pressure or complete brake failure.


How can it save money?

The moisture in brake fluid causes brake components to corrode internally and therefore need replacement earlier than expected. Comparatively the cost of replacing the fluid is very low.


GT-LMA Brake Fluid. How often should it be replaced?

Repco Auto Repair recommend every two years. This is in line with most car manufacturers recommendations. But if there is any doubt as to its age we recommend replacing it.


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 18:

Service Intervals

What is involved in a Car Service?

A car service comprises three main components.

  • Safety Inspection
  • Preventative maintenance for reliability and cost saving
  • Oil and filter change

How often should my car be serviced?

The service interval best suited to your car will depend on a range of factors such as vehicle type, its age and the conditions under which it is driven. Generally we recommend an interval of 5,000 km or 6 months. A check of your car owner’s manual will generally verify this.
Advantages of Regular Services?

  • To detect faults before they become a safety concern.
  • To change engine oil before its lubricating properties are reduced too much by time, contamination and use. Sludge build up in engine oil galleries caused by lack of oil changes is a prime cause of early engine wear.
  • To detect items that are wearing so they can be replaced before they fail causing inconvenience & expense.
  • Best of all Regular Servicing can greatly extend the life of your engine and your car.


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 19:

Steering Rack Boots

Why replace them?

If your Rack boots are perished or torn, replacing them early can save the added expense of replacing the components they protect.


What are steering rack boots?

They are rubber covers which seal each end of the car’s steering rack while still allowing movement when steering. They seal in the lubricant and seal out dirt and water. If they tear, dirt and water from the road will enter the steering rack and wear it rapidly.


Why do they tear?

They are made of rubber and exposed to the elements under your car and are subject to a lot of movement. As they get older the rubber perishes and eventually will tear. Replacing the steering rack boots before they wear out is a good example of how money spent on car maintenance can save a lot more money in repairs.


Steering Rack Boot. When should they be replaced?

If your car is serviced regularly, Repco Auto Repair Mechanics will spot when they are nearing the end of their useful life and report this to you.


AUTO FACTS Hints and Tips 20:

Coolant Changes

Why Do You Need To Change Radiator Coolant?

An important requirement often over-looked in relatively new vehicles is the change period of the factory fitted coolant. It appears many people are not aware that nearly all Australian manufactured vehicles and the majority of overseas vehicles require a Coolant or Anti-Freeze change at 2 years or 40,000 Kilometres.



What Is Radiator Coolant?

Today’s Coolants are a sophisticated blend of Corrosion Inhibiting chemicals, Anti Foam agents, demineralised water and Mono Ethylene Glycol. The two main functions of a modern coolant are (1) To provide excellent corrosion protection to all the metals found in your cooling system. (2) To remove huge amounts of waste heat from the engine.


What happens As Coolant Ages?

As conventional Coolants or Anti Freezes protect the metal surfaces by coating them with a micro thin film of corrosion inhibitors this action over time consumes the active chemicals. Once the Coolants corrosion inhibitors have been depleted the coolant will give little or no corrosion protection to your engine.


How Can I Save Money By Regularly Servicing My Cooling System?

A well maintained cooling system will perform at maximum efficiency thereby stopping corrosion and the replacement of expensive engine components.


How Do I Select the Right Radiator Coolant?

The current Australian Standard AS 2108.1.97 has two types of compliance, Type A and Type B.

For later model cars a Type A is generally required and for earlier models a Type B is adequate.

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